photo by Ferris Kilpatrick

What is ChocoSutra all about?

Chocolate is more than just a candy, it’s an experience. Ranging in depth to just a flavor sensation all the way to a multidimensional ecstatic adventure. At least is has been for founder and head chocolatier of ChocoSutra, Richard K.

“We had a wave of euphoria come over everyone present, that was subtle yet very real and tangible. Within moments we were discussing chocolate with the Archetypal spirit of Cacao”

Stemming from various “interesting” experiences and many hours of research in the area of chocolate; the science and the folklore, the idea of ChocoSutra was birthed.

“It’s got to be pure, life enhancing, and made with the best of ingredients. This is clear.”

As the way that it would all happen began to unfold Richard with the help of a new friend opened the doors ofsunnytrailer ChocoSutra as a food trailer. Tucked away in a small local grocery store. Operating this way for approximately 9 months, refining the understanding of chocolate for the company. This is the home of the somewhat famous ChocoSutra chocolate elixir. A very upgraded version of the hot chocolate of mainstream society. Something that was incredibly uplifting for most who drank it.

From the beginning the focus was on using only organic raw cacao. The best source found for this was Pacari Chocolates, based out of Ecuador. Their commitment to running a sustainable business shows in the quality of their cacao. Growing the famed Arriba Nacional variety of cacao on farms run by traditional cacao growers, there’s simply nothing better.

Richard and Santiago of Pacari

Richard and Santiago of Pacari @ The Dallas Chocolate Festival 2014

Cacao isn’t the only important ingredient in ChocoSutra’s chocolates. Since cacao doesn’t grow locally in the Austin, Tx climate and there is a commitment to the local economy, Chocosutra had to find and source something, at least one ingredient that could go into the chocolates that was local. This train of thought led to using local raw honey as the sweetener. It just made sense. The concept was on purity and health, and refined sugars wasn’t good enough. Honey, having such a long history of use as medicine, was the perfect candidate. It could be sourced locally, it tastes great, and it is nutritious. However, only one problem remained. Honey is really hard to work with in chocolate. After playing around with various recipes, Richard developed the perfect way to infuse the sweet golden nectar produced by the honey bee in to chocolates.

Walter Honeycomb suit

Walter in his honey comb suit

Several different honey companies were used before having a chance meeting with owner of Central Texas Bee Rescue and Preserve, Walter. This led to a partnership to make the world a better place one bee hive and piece of chocolate at a time.

“Saving bees from people and people from bees”

Walter and his team produce spectacular honey and specializes in a no kill bee rescue service, but equally as important is attempting to get support for legislation to protect the American honey bee. This is an amazing thing to do, because as of now the honey bee has no rights. If you kill thousands of them it doesn’t matter, from a legal stance. It is encouraged that you to support this endeavor by looking for and asking for his honey in your local grocery stores.

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