All of  our chocolates are made with certified organic Arriba Nacional cacao grown in Ecuador. It's not only certified organic, but kosher and fair trade. It is a single origin cacao that has floral, fruity and nutty flavor notes. We use a raw cacao, that has not been roasted or exposed to high temperatures. This is primarily due to personal experience of having a better sensation from raw cacao. There are higher concentrations of heat sensitive nutrients and phytochemicals in raw cacao also. To this we add a small amount of cacao butter, which is pressed for us from the same cacao plantations we source our cacao from. The fragrance of the cacao butter alone is worth all the effort that goes into making the final product.

What makes our chocolate different than most of the other chocolates on the market is that we decided to use a local honey as our sweetener of choice instead of refined sugars. This honey comes from Central Texas Bee Rescue and Preserve ( and is premium quality honey. It may be said that rescued honey bees have more gratitude and therefore produce sweeter honey. Maybe not, but it's a nice thought. Using honey is more difficult to use than refined sugar, but we chose this sweetener due to it's long history of therapeutic and medicinal qualities. It allows the chocolate to be sweeter with less, it has a plethora of vitamins and minerals, living enzymes, bee pollen, and the frequency of thousands of flowers. The flavor that chocolate and honey produce together is very complimentary and exceptional as well. All the more reason to use honey.

To our chocolates, primarily the filling for them all we've added raw organic cold pressed coconut oil. Not only is coconut oil one of the most healthiest oils on the planet, but it's also one of the best tasting. We only add a little bit per piece of chocolate so as not to overwhelm the cacao, but it's noticeable and delicious. It's mostly added for texture, to soften the cacao butter in the ganache filling. Typically a chocolate ganache uses heavy cream or some kind of dairy alternative. We chose coconut oil because of it's long list of health promoting qualities and great flavor pairing with chocolate.

Several of our chocolates are flavored with therapeutic grade essential oils. This means that the essential oils are of the highest quality and have the advantage of being edible. Most essential oils are simply designed as fragrances and possibly should not be consumed. Therapeutic oils are carefully distilled and extracted so that they maintain all the medicinal components of the herb, flower or plant. They are some of the highest frequency substances that one can use to maintain health and radiance. They also add a really clean and pure flavor to the chocolates.

As far as the other flavors, you can be sure that we've taken great care in using high quality sea salts, dried spices/herbs, and nuts or seeds.


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